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    Book Blend: Your Favourite Roast + A Copy Of "What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat"

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    📚☕ Did you know sipping on Cafézia coffee while diving into a good book might just make you smarter? 🤓✨ Don't take our word for it - test the theory yourself! 😉⁣

    ✨ Introducing our "Books We Think Will Change The World" series! 🌎📖 Each month, we'll spotlight a mind-altering book that has reshaped our perspectives.

    📖 Our January pick is the thought-provoking "What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat" by Aubrey Gordon, known on IG as @yrfatfriend. 🌟 Now is the ideal moment to delve into a journey of self-reflection, exploring not just how the world perceives fat, but how we can reshape our own understanding and dialogue around it. 🌈 Let's challenge the narrative together and embrace a more inclusive conversation. 💬

    🌟 Let's build a community around these transformative ideas! 💬 Share your thoughts, connect with fellow readers, and explore new horizons together by engaging with our post on IG. We're all about fostering meaningful connections!

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    I absolutely love this coffee. No crashes. No upset stomach. And amazing taste. My personal favourite is the medium roast. My boyfriend loves black coffee and he says this coffee has so much depth and he can taste the quality. He likes it better than a blonde roast at Starbucks! Homemade coffee for the win !!

    I love this coffee! With a business and 2 young kids I drink enough coffee in a day. The coffee is delicious and has the added bonus of the herbs that promote wellness and help with some of the "aftermath" of too much coffee. The team is so friendly, and delivery is fast! They also have amazing gift packages that include a French Press. I love to send these to friends, clients and colleagues as a token of appreciation!

    I absolutely love Cafezia coffee! I am a huge coffee drinker but don't like the crash I typically get after drinking regular coffee. Cafezia is awesome because I get to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without having a crash. It feels like a cleaner, more evenly sustained energy that I get after drinking it. Can't wait to get some more!