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    GROSCHE ZURICH Black French Press, 1000ml/34 fl. oz/8 cup + 1 x 340g Bag of Cafézia

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    Gift set includes a GROSCHE ZURICH Black French Press, plus one 340g bag of Cafézia coffee. Specify which roast you'd like at checkout.

    This Grosche French Press is a simple and easy to use French press that is sure to please. It is well designed, functional, durable, and most importantly makes delicious coffee!

    This is a style of manual coffee maker that has been long accepted as perhaps the best way to brew coffee. By fully infusing the course grounds, and herbs, the flavours, oils and benefits can be fully extracted and the final result is unmatched.

    For every product sold, GROSCHE creates 50+ days of safe drinking water for someone in need through the GROSCHE Safe Water project. What’s better than that?


    I absolutely love this coffee. No crashes. No upset stomach. And amazing taste. My personal favourite is the medium roast. My boyfriend loves black coffee and he says this coffee has so much depth and he can taste the quality. He likes it better than a blonde roast at Starbucks! Homemade coffee for the win !!

    I love this coffee! With a business and 2 young kids I drink enough coffee in a day. The coffee is delicious and has the added bonus of the herbs that promote wellness and help with some of the "aftermath" of too much coffee. The team is so friendly, and delivery is fast! They also have amazing gift packages that include a French Press. I love to send these to friends, clients and colleagues as a token of appreciation!

    I absolutely love Cafezia coffee! I am a huge coffee drinker but don't like the crash I typically get after drinking regular coffee. Cafezia is awesome because I get to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without having a crash. It feels like a cleaner, more evenly sustained energy that I get after drinking it. Can't wait to get some more!