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    Hi from Jenna, Cafézia Owner & CEO

    Hi from Jenna, Cafézia Owner & CEO

     Hi! I’m Jenna and I believe changing your coffee can change your life. 

    Yes, you. 

    Even if we have never met.

    Your life matters to me and I want to build a company that proves it. 

    I want every cup of Cafézia to feel like you are treating yourself, with kindness, with intention and with pause.

    I want to find ways our company can make every cup of Cafézia count in the lives of people who may never even drink it.

    If you are sharing a cup of Cafézia with others I hope your conversations are of deep connection, understanding, patience and fulfilment.

    If you work for us, I want to make sure we are always finding ways to make you feel seen, valued and nurtured in your own journey as you join us in ours. 

    If you are one of the many people who make it possible for us to make our products, I will continue to look for ways we can ensure you are being treated with respect, care and acknowledgment. 

    If you live on Earth, I want you to know I am committed to doing right by our planet. I want to find ways our business can respect the land, the water, the air and all the creatures we are so fortunate to share our home with, whether we see them or not.

    I take your life seriously. I want to make sure you always feel you are getting the very best from us; from the quality of our products, our customer service and our commitment to be better in all the ways. And there are so many. 

    I have a lot to learn. A lot. 

    I am committed to the lessons, the journey, the growth and many many celebrations with you. 

    I want to build much more than just a coffee company. I want to build a community.

    I want you to feel in community with me, even if we never meet. 

    But I hope we will. 




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