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    It starts with premium, sustainably-sourced coffee


    We believe that a great cup of coffee must be an ethical cup as well.


    That’s why we use only Organic, Fairtrade coffee beans - they’re better for the coffee-growers and farmers, better for Mother Nature, and also better for ourselves.


    Oh, and we forgot to mention - our coffee tastes amazing as well. All our coffee is made with top-tier Arabica beans, grown in Central and South America. We roast the coffee beans to perfection in small-batches in our roastery in London, Ontario.





    We infuse our coffee with three Organic superherbs: cleavers, hyssop, and yerba mate.


    Although you may not have heard of them, they are quite popular in the herb world, having been used by herbalists for thousands of years.


    They each have extraordinary scientifically-proven health benefits. When combined together, they make an impressive trio that supports your immune system, as well as your overall wellbeing.


    You can just call them the Superherbs.



    Cleavers is primarily a cleanser, meaning it detoxifies the body. It’s high in vitamins and nutrients too, and also great for your skin!


    Finally, cleavers has always been found to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and stimulate the liver. It’s typically consumed as a tea.


    Fun fact: cleavers can be found growing in the wild throughout Ontario (you can even find it growing in some woods in London, Ontario)!



    Looking for a natural remedy for a sore throat, cold, cough, or congestion? Try hyssop!


    Hyssop is a fantastic immunity-booster, as well as a strong anti-inflammatory herb. Plus, an essential oil made from hyssop can be applied topically to reduce swelling and heal bruises faster. As part of the mint family, it shares some similar benefits with peppermint and spearmint. For example, like peppermint, hyssop can aid in digestion and help people de-stress.


    Fun fact, hyssop used to be hung in homes to protect against evil spirits. So you know it must be good then, right?



    Yerba mate is the cream of the superherb crop.


    Across the board, it is known as one of the world’s most medicinal herbs. It is high in anti-oxidants, which help prevent certain diseases, such as chronic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. It also contains countless essential vitamins and minerals to improve overall wellbeing.


    Fun fact: tea made from yerba mate is extremely popular in some countries in South America. It is a tradition for families and friends to share yerba mate in one tea cup, which is a sign of total friendship.






    As a first-year business student at Western University, Cathy is hoping to explore her career path by taking on new initiatives and projects. With a passion for environmental advocacy, she has co-founded a sticker shop with donations to Greenpeace Canada. She loves meeting new people and thinking critically to work on challenges in a motivating team environment. As an aspiring leader, Cathy volunteers in and around the community, and is especially focused on getting involved in areas relating to education. Her hobbies include traveling, winter sports and spending quality time with family and friends!


    My name is Sohaib Nasir and I am currently a second-year Economic student at Western University. I am an enthusiastic individual curious to learn more about the world of business and build transferable skills. I especially enjoy working on interesting projects in an environment where members of the team have great work ethic and are competent and hardworking. I love keeping souvenirs and have a bag full of objects representing important parts of my life. Some of my hobbies include playing and watching basketball and I am also a budding entrepreneur with a passion for hair cutting. The world is full of challenges but the one challenge I would love to solve is world hunger. My career goal is to build my resume and work at a prestigious firm in New York City.


    I’m Grace, and I’m from Ottawa! I enjoy problem solving, collaborating within a team, hearing their thoughts, and growing together as a team. I love travelling and collecting unique mugs from all my travel destinations. One world challenge I want to solve is lack of access to education for self-empowerment and to lift people out of poverty. After my undergraduate study, I would like to further my consulting career, and attend law school. For my career, I would like to combine my business and law degree to do something productive in society and to make it a better place in small steps.


    What Type Of Work You Enjoy Doing:

    I enjoy doing many different types of work, but I typically have more interest in jobs where I can have a positive impact on other people, and being able to work in a collaborative environment. I also have a strong interest in business and law jobs, as they are two of my passions, and I love learning anything that I can from these subject areas.


    What You Collect:

    My brother and I have collected various forms of cards since we were younger, which includes hockey cards, basketball cards, and Pokemon cards.


    If You Could Solve One World Challenge It Would Be:

    If I could solve one world challenge, it would be world peace, because having innocent people die due to war and violence, as well as the world being divided by politics and other topics is saddening to see, and having world peace, although near impossible, would allow us as a society to reach new highs.


    One Career Goal You Would Love To Realize In Your Life:

    One career goal that I would love to realize is being able to own my own company, in whichever field that I decide to pursue. This would mean that I had reached the top, and that I had worked hard enough to become my own boss.


    What Type Of Work You Enjoy Doing:
    I enjoy organizing, connecting with people, and serving my community! I am a go-getter who loves a day with hands-on tasks and working with a team to pull something rewarding together! I have many years of experience as a restaurant server and manager, although serving would have to be my favourite as it allows me to meet new people and talk about something I love- FOOD!


    What You Collect:
    This one always makes me laugh. My partner and I collect Pokemon cards (seriously- you should see our organized binders!). We also have a great collection of stickers and patches we collect while traveling and backpacking other countries! Collecting "collections" have always been fun for me as they feed my love for organization and cute things- in my house you would also find 300+ beanie babies and several different versions of "Monopoly" games.

    If You Could Solve One World Challenge It Would Be:
    If I could solve one world challenge, I would choose togetherness. I believe many challenges our world faces could be fixed if people chose each other over money and worked towards coming together in unity instead of competition.

    One Career Goal You Would Love To Realize In Your Life:
    A career goal I would love to come to fruition in my life is becoming a mentor. Although I do consider myself to be a mentor in different areas of my life right now, I would like to open that door even more and be a support for those reaching for their dreams!


    What you collect:

    I like collecting hotel room access cards, I would always find cards in random pockets when I would return from a holiday, then on, I decided to keep one from every hotel I visited. I also began to collect beautiful plates and bowls when I started getting into food photography.


    If you could solve one world challenge it would be:

    Poverty, if the world was to work together and solve this problem, instead of investing billions to go to mars, 9.2% of the world in extreme poverty would be able to get access to water, sustainable food, basic healthcare, and education to get them out of their cycle of poverty.


    One career goal you would love to realize in your life:

    I would love to open my own business (in any field I choose) and be successful, one day when I'm a millionaire, I would love to be a philanthropist.


    I’m Jennifer, a first year student at Western studying Business Management and Organizational Studies. My hobbies include travelling as well as gaming! I enjoy collecting special coins and adding them to my collection. One of my career goals is to be successful enough to travel the world.


    Hi my name is Niklas, I am from a small town outside of Ottawa! I have two main interests that I enjoy working on, medicine/science and business. In both of these fields I enjoy working in a team to tackle problems and find creative solutions to different problems. My passions outside of work include travelling and music; both playing and listening. One challenge that I would solve if I could is zero hunger; I believe it is a basic human right that everyone has access to sufficient and nutritious food. After completing my undergraduate studies I have two different ideas, either attending medical school to further my education, or working with businesses oriented on sustainability and combating climate change.


    I believe we can change the world through coffee.


    Let’s see how far we can get.