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    On this day, unlike any other....

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    Slow Release Sundays Are Here!

    Brew a cup of Cafézia with your favourite brewer,
    Pour it into your favourite mug,
    Find a space that’s only yours,
    And let the outside world fade away,
    While you give yourself this moment inside.

    This Week's Slow Release

    Book Recommendation Of The Month

    Brew yourself a fresh cup of Cafézia coffee and settle in for some deep and reflective reads.


    One Drum: Stories and Ceremonies for a Planet - By Richard Wagamese

    "We are all one energy, one soul, one song and one drum"

    One Drum is a collection of ceremonies and stories drawn from the foundational teachings of Ojibway tradition, the Grandfather Teachings. It focuses specifically on lessons of humility, respect and courage and encourages us to practice ceremonies to heal and bring peace and hope to the world we live in. 

    Richard Wagamese passed away in 2017. This book was the last of his writings he left to share. 

    An expert from "One Drum":

     "For ceremony to be effective, for its intent to succeed, we must be out of our minds. We need to be in our hearts.....
    Ceremony is the experience of leaving behind everything but your ability to feel, and the power of the experience is in the emotional energy we find, create or engage in. It's not in what we think about it."


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